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Parisian Specials – Martinet & Caniche – French poodle and whip

EN: During fall 2006, I was roaming the streets of Paris looking for some very local flavour. Not the usual tourist stuff, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, blabla, blabla,… but an icon that only a very sharp Parisian eye could snap. Here I am, in le Parc Monceau, a very posh area, an old woman with a traditional French whip, called a martinet, beating a French poodle. A genuine image of Paris. I was ready for that so I pushed the camera button and captured, within seconds, 17 continuous stills of this scary move. So proud of my work that I kept it hidden, waiting for the right moment to finally share my work with the world. Converting this 17 photographs in 17 unique NFT, in chronological order from #1 to #17.

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camera model : Canon EOS 10D
F-stop – Exposure : f/4.5 – 1/350 sec.
Iso speed : ISO-100
Focal length : 200 mm
date taken : 27/09/2006 10.30


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